What to expect when coming to our hospital or clinic for an in-person visit with one of our providers:

1. When you arrive, please enter the facility from the front entrance.

2. Due to the current state guidelines, visitors are not allowed into the hospital or clinic at this time. However, there are a few special considerations allowed by the state. If you feel that you require someone to accompany you or that you have specific circumstances that may require you to have a support person present for your in-person visit, contact us prior to coming for your visit to determine if your situation meets the criteria allowed by the Oregon Health Authority.

3. If you have a mask or face covering at home, please bring it and wear it when you come into the hospital or clinic. If you do not have a mask, a greeter will provide one for you. In order to protect yourself, our staff, and other patients, you will be required to wear your mask for the duration of your visit.

4. Upon entry into the building, a greeter will instruct you to clean your hands with the hand sanitizing station located at the entrance. They will then ask you a series of questions and take your temperature to gather information regarding your COVID-19 risk.

5. If you do not have any symptoms or risk factors indicating a recent exposure to COVID-19, you will be asked to proceed to our registration desk to be checked-in for your appointment.

6. If you do not require any special mobility accommodations, you will return to your vehicle with a notification device (similar to a buzzer you may get when you are waiting for a table at a chain restaurant). When your provider is ready to see you, the device will buzz, and you can re-enter the building. A medical assistant will escort you to an exam room where you will be seen by your provider.

If you require special mobility accommodations (i.e. wheelchair, walker, etc.) you may wait in our waiting area until your provider is ready to see you. Seating in our waiting areas are arranged to maintain 6-foot social distancing.

We look forward to seeing you soon!