Infection Prevention Practices

Coquille Valley Hospital has implemented the most current, up-to-date Infection Prevention practices to keep our patients, our staff, and our community as safe as possible!

Here are some of the actions we have taken to align with the current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Oregon Health Authority guidelines to protect against COVID-19:

1. All employees are screened upon arrival to work, to ensure that they are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. This screening includes temperature checks and a health attestation, acknowledging that they have reviewed all current risk factors and symptoms for COVID-19 and they have not presented with any of the stated risks or symptoms in the last 72 hours.

2. At Coquille Valley Hospital, we have policies in place to test any employees or providers that present with any COVID symptoms and to excuse them from work until the results are received.

3. We have a greeter assigned at all open entrances, to screen all staff, patients, essential visitors, and vendors for risk factors or symptoms of COVID-19 upon entry. Our greeters also ensure that everyone who enters our hospital, or one of our clinics, receives a temperature check, wears a mask, and sanitizes their hands before proceeding with their visit.

4. All of our staff is following CDC guidelines for masking, including wearing a face covering or mask for all patient interactions and during any time they travel within the facility or are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance from others at their workstations.

5. Our Environmental Services staff has implemented cleaning protocols to ensure that our disinfection practices utilize products effective against killing the COVID-19 virus as well as other harmful bacteria and viruses that are common in healthcare environments. We have provided training to our registration and nursing staff to ensure that all waiting areas and treatment rooms are disinfected promptly and thoroughly, so there are not prolonged delays in treatment or wait times.

6. We have implemented the use of place cards that staff will place on seats in the waiting areas after they have been disinfected and are ready for use.